1955 Ford Crown Victoria
May 18, 2019
Location: 329 East 1st Street Valentine, NE

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Phone bids on the car will be accepted now to through out the sale.

    This car is a body off the frame restoration.  It has been
   restored using the Crown Victoria restored class judging form.

  •  Any rusted areas were repaired.
  •  Everything has been returned to factory production correctness.  
  •  All pictures of chrome are origional and all have been rechromed.
  •  All stainless steel trim has been repaired and polished.
  •  All glass is new and as per factory.
  •  The clock and radio have been restored.
  •  The instrament cluster has tested and calibrated.
  •  The engine and transmission have been rebuilt.
  •  All wiring is new.
  •  Engine has been rebuilt to accomodate ethenal & modern fuels
                      Everything is either new or rebuilt.
                         The spedometer shows 3.7 miles.
                             This is basically a new car.
 If your looking for a show car or a car in new condition you
will not want to miss out on this one! Resteration is complete.
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